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Submitted by DAISYS95GT

The only thing worse than breaking your car is someone else doing it for you.  We have all seen jerks run through red lights but unfortunately Daisy's GT saw it first hand when one slammed into her, spinning her through a intersection and onto the sidewalk.

Submitted by 77sleeper

Got Torque??  Ever wonder why Scattershields and

Blowproof Bellhousings exist??  This happened during a drag race with a Camaro.  Better to just lose a race than some toes.:)

Submitted by Rebel79

This was a FMS Cobra clutch. It lived to be the

Ripe old age of 1yr.  He needed a reason to buy that Centerforce anyway!

Submitted by Dark Knight

This is what's left of a FMX transmission. He did not say exactly what happened, but it appears to be the victim of a shark attack!!

Submitted by Dark Knight

For Sale : Ford 8" rear with 4.63 gears.

Quick change with easy access to ring gear.


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Submitted by Kenneth Stoots

This is what is left of a production 5.0 block stroked to a 347. The engine was producing around 500 hp. It's death came from 250+ hp of N20 & often being spun over 7K.