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2.3 Liter Resource Page

This is the page dedicated to the 2.3L engine and some of it's various set-ups.

As soon as I started looking into 2.3L engines, I quickly found how sparse the aftermarket and even more so specs & info were on them. So I intend on documenting everything thing find that is noteworthy concerning the 2.3 Liter engine.

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87-90 Engine Specs


2.3L          140            EFI                A               9.5:1         88-90 hp @ 3800 132 ft/lb@ 2800   

  91-93 Engine Specs


2.3L       140               EFI                  A              9.5:1       96-105 hp @ 4600 135 ft/lb@ 2600                                                                   

2.0L/2.3L/2.5L OHC ENGINES

Design-wise, these "metric" engines are very similar and have a belt-driven overhead camshaft. Dimensionally, however, they are very different in terms of bore, stroke, bore spacing, block deck height and crankshaft journal diameters. The European (EAO) 2.0L was produced in 1971-74 cars. The 2.3L OHC is widely found on 1974-95 models… including a high-tech version that powered the Thunderbird/Cougar Turbo Coupe. A two spark plug per cylinder design with distributorless ignition was introduced on 1989 Ranger and 1991 Mustang models. Parts for these engines are identified as 2.0L EAO and 2.3L OHC respectively. In 1983, a 2.0L version of the 2.3L OHC engine was introduced on Ranger and Aerostar trucks. The only basic difference is in bore diameter, as shown in the chart on page 110, thus most parts interchange. Parts shown for the 2.3L OHC can be used in the 2.0L truck engine, except those relating to bore diameter (pistons, etc.). In 1998 the Ranger engine grows to 2.5L with increased stroke.

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