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Wheelspin '92 GT

This is my favorite Stang & my drag car. I'm not sure if this Project Car will ever be finished, it's always a quest to go faster.  Here is a little collage of it's history so far.

These pictures were taken right after I first bought it in'99.

These pictures were taken in the beautiful Marin Headlands just past the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was slightly modified when I got it with 3.55 gears, filter, TB & Flowmasters. One of the first things I did was put it on a chassis dyno at the Mustang Ranch in Santa Clara.

Dyno Sheet

With a few other tweaks the car ran 13.79 @ 99.~mph in Sacramento CA, this was the car's second trip to the track.  On it's first outing it ran 13.98 at Sears Point.

Below is a Mpeg of it's 13.79 pass.

13 Second pass at Sac.

The car stopped being a daily driver in Oct of '00 when the front end was tore up driving to work.

As you can see it now has a Cervini Stalker nose, Cobra R style hood and clear light lenses.

It's still waiting on the roll cage install before it gets a new paint job.

Sadly, I could not find any old engine pictures.

It was equipped with a full GT-40 induction but that  is currently being replaced with a Carb induction.

The car is now being set-up to run in heads up Killer Street/Street Outlaw competition with goals of low 8 second quarter mile elapsed times. Below are some clips of it's current progress.